Astro-Imaging for $100

Is is possible to make astro-images with entry level digital point-and-shoot cameras? The answer to that question is a reluctant “somewhat”. With a basic camera it is indeed possible to shoot decent astro-images but the objects are rather limited: the moon and star constellations. It is not about pixels Basic astrophotography is not about Mega-pixels. Good images … Read more

A Telescope for under $100

This article is for people who are in the market for their first telescope – but have only a very limited budget (say $100) at their disposal. Some amateur astronomers will say spending $100 on a telescope is wasted money, simply because there is no great telescope for that amount. Good optics is expensive, but … Read more

German Equatorial Mount – Part 1

This article explains how German Equatorial Mounts work. It consists of 2 parts:  The first part provides a general overview about these mounts. GEMs require polar alignment; it will be discussed what this is and how it is done. Part 2 talks about more specific subjects like Declination, Right Ascension, setting circles, mount balance and load capacity. Most … Read more