Different Types of Asteroids (C, S, and M) – The Definitive Guide

Many people think of asteroids as being small chunks of rock that drift aimlessly and randomly through space. The reality, of course, is a little different, but it wasn’t until relatively recently that we began to discover more about them. For example, we now have a better idea of their origins and their composition. Asteroids … Read more

Asteroid Mining – Know Everything About It

Look back in history and you will see that the motivation behind huge investments in exploration and transportation has been the need for resources.  The American settlers headed west in their search of gold, oil and timber, and the Europeans headed east along the Silk Road and the spice trade routes.  Now, a company based … Read more

Planets, Dwarf Planets and Small Solar System Bodies

Questions and Answers By: International Astronomical Union Source:  http://www.iau.org/public/pluto/ Q: What is the origin of the word planet? A: The word planet comes from the Greek word for “wanderer”, meaning that planets were originally defined as objects that moved in the night sky with respect to the background of fixed stars. Q: Why is there a … Read more